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Help suggest a beginner mountain bike for an extra tall person.

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A friend of mine is interested in getting started in mt. biking.
He is slender and 6'4" tall.
Can anyone suggest a bike frame size or even recommend a 29er? He will be biking with me on agressive XC trails. (1-2 ft drops, steep up and downhill sections)
The budget is entry level ($400-600), looking for one year of use, used is okay. Hardtail okay.

Watcha think?

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Well Ill try but dont take my advice into too much consideration maybe something like this?: and tell him to get the 23 inch frame. That is the largest size.
I'm 6' 3" (1900mm - centremeters are useles) and ride 21" frames. It is likely your friend will be fine with a regular XL frame.
Thanks for the sizing suggestions, this gives me a rough idea.
Nice component level on the windsor for the price!
The specialized looks pretty slick too.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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