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Back at it and LOVIN' it!
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Hey Folks -

I could use some help here - I know I know not this crap again right...but I just need to get a few more opinions than the 3 I'm getting that keep my head spinning

So I'm getting back into MTBing and I have decisions that need to be made...most importantly...NEW or USED? - I have my mind set on a NEW Kona Caldera...the $949 MSRP is about my price limit - The idea of getting a new bike over a used one seems to make a lot of sense to me...if something goes wrong a warranty may be there to take care of an issue - Going to buy a used I may get the someone who lies to me about a shotty bottom bracket or soon to be dead brake system or lame fork and it ends up costing another few hundred bucks on top of what I paid then that leads to the nickel and dimeing and in the end I could have bought a whole new bike anyways - My brother and friends are telling me the Caldera is a good bike and yet I get emails from them of these other used bikes that are a "great deal" - I'm trying to be patient and do it right but man I want to get riding

Here are a few bikes in the area that have been brought to my attention...

Salsa ala Carte - - I think an '07 with a RS Duke fork...says fits up to 6' but seems big for me at 5'11"?

Yeti Kokopelli - - Again I'm 5'11" would this bike be too small?

Kona Caldera(New) -

Any suggestions would be great!

Thanks folks!


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The Yeti looks like a pretty good deal....but it may run a little small for you.
It's really hard to tell without you seeing it first....but at the same time you might
beable to resale it for a lot more if you did buy it.
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