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I need some help and I did plenty of searching but I couldn't find what I'm looking for...

I'm building up a '07 Trail SX in bear claw blue :D

Unfortunatley I'm having a hard time fitting a chain guide for my single ring up front. I'm running Saint Cranks with a single 32T Salsa ring and a 11-34 COG set in the rear.

First I tried my e13 SRS 32 luck...I would have to grind a TON of the lower chain guide to get it to clear the chain stay. I don't mind griding, but I think I may have to grind so much that it will be weak.

Next I tried a Gamut P20. The boomerang appeared to fit...but then the stupid bash guard wouldn't clear my Saint crank arms :rolleyes: I put my e13 bash gaurd on with the P20 boomerang and they didn't like eachother very much.

So...what is a good single ring chain guide that will work?

I searched and it sounds like lots of people are running stingers, but how do they compare to a good solid SRS system? I loved my SRS system on my Heckler. I got it dialed in so it was quiet and I never dropped a chain.



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The truvative single ring setups are a good choice. I was running on for awhile, and it fit without any grinding. Then i decided for the type or riding i mostly do, that i would benefit more from a double ring with a bash guard and tensioner. So i went with the Saint double (22-36t), and e13 36t bash guard, a truvative stinger tensioner, and an XT front derailluer. Everything worked out great, and i couldnt be happier with it.

But back to the poing, the truvative blackspire ones work great with no crazy grinding like most. I hope this helps

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