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Any help would be appriciated. I'm a little bit confused on what I need for sizing on a 29er...

I have 2 bikes in mind right now.

Lynskey Pro29er in small:
Head Angle 70degree
Seat Angle 73degree
Top Tube 22.75"
Chain Stay 17.1"
Head Tube 3.75"
Stand Over 28"
BB height 12.5"

Lynskey Pro29er in MEDIUM:
Head Angle 70.5degree
Seat Angle 73degree
Top Tube 23.75"
Chain Stay 17.1"
Head Tube 4"
Stand Over 30.25"
BB height 12.5"

or a

Yeti Big Top Medium
Head Angle 70degree
Seat Angle 72degree
Top Tube 23.5"
Chain Stay 17.1"
Head Tube 4"
Stand Over 31"
BB height 12"

What key dimensions should I be looking for with a 29er? The niner website recommends a size small for people who are up to 5'9" tall. Do I base the effective top tube length on a 26" frame? That is my usual criteria for setting up bikes is the Top tube length. But the 29ers seem to have very low stand over, and very short head tubes given top tube lengths.

I'm 5'8" tall. With a 33 waist. 30 inseem. I wear a shirt size of 16 collar, 33/34 sleeves. I wear a size 40 jacket. I had the retul fit down on both my mountain bikes and the fitter said both bikes fit me perfect and that he would not change a thing.

My current bikes are:

Lynskey M230 Semi Custom
Head Angle 70.5"
Seat Angle 72.5"
Top Tube 22.5"
Chain Stay 16.9"
Head Tube 4.5"
Stand Over 30.75"
BB height 11.5"

Kona Hei Hei Supreme
Head Angle 70.4"
Seat Angle 73.9"
Top Tube 22.4"
Chain Stay 17"
Head Tube 4.9"
Stand Over 30.4"
BB height 12.8"

Any help is greatly appricated.


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i'll tell you how i look for my fit. (1) pedal backwards with your heel. raise the saddle so that at a full stroke there's no bend at the knee. do this for every size you try. keep the fore-aft on the center or however you know you like. (2) look for handlebar height. take the smallest size that has the handlebars level to your saddle height or close to it or in whatever configuration you know you like. everyone talks about how the ETT is most important (and it is) but i think that a high enough handlebar height is equally important for a rider looking for comfort. (3) stand over gets least importance for typical cross country riding but that varies depending on your uses. i straddle over the top tube, lift the wheels up to my pubic bone (not your "boys" - move them aside if you need), and look to see that the wheels are 2" off the ground. (4) your fit WHILE you ride is far more important than your fit straddling over the bike. don't fall for those silly trends of adults riding kid sized bicycles. :thumbsup:

remember, if a lot of seat post is showing or you have a lot of stand over clearance (standard geometry), chances are you are on a frame that is too small and that the handlebars are too low. try the next size up to see if you can manage it.

these are just general guidelines for my biased point of view about fit. your preferences will of course vary. i'm 5'9" & 33.5" cycling inseam (long legs?). by the charts and by what others ride, i should be on a 17.5. i'm opting for the 19" so that the handlebars are higher and my long legs do not require an obscene amount of seat post showing. my stand over clearance is just manageable. i care for my fit WHILE riding...although i may eat crow next summer when i try to climb a real mountain that may involve some obstacles.
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