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Help needed on Tracer VP lower bearings dismount

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Well I'm go for it ! I have brand new lower pivot bearings from SST for my Tracer VP: the 4 bearings have play now even with regular grease pumping and good torque on the bolts.
But what shall I do to dismount them (after rear arm removal of course...)
Shall I heat the frame with an electrical heat gun for loctite removal ?
Shall I put loctite (special bearing) or grease upon installation ?
How to put them out: there's a kind of axle between the 2 bearings that do not simplify the introduction of a smaller axle to hammer them away ?
I'm repeating myself but ,as I say on another post, this axle between the 2 inner circles of the left and right bearings may be too long on my case ? Indeed with the new angular contact bearing you need to apply a force on the inner circle in direction of the center of the bike with the tightening of the bolt to cancel any play inside the bearing (making all the parts coming into contact of each other). If the inner axle is too long or the bearing too deep into the frame, even with overtorque you won't be able to "sqeeze" the balls of the bearing between the 2 racetracks
I don't know if I'm clear enough, I don't want to dismount everything to found hat there's still play after hard work ! I will appreciate your comments !!!
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