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I have recently purchased a Lapierre Zesty frame ( circa 2011 ) after my previous Spicy developed a crack.
The idea is to swap most of the parts over from my old bike to the new one.
Most things should fit but lapierre changed headsets design around 2010 so the old bike has a straight 1 1/8" headset and the newer one has a tapered 'Semi-integrated' 1 1/8"-1.5" headset.
The fork is obviously 1 1/8 straight type as per the old frame - so I know I will need an adapter - something like this:

Hope Tapered 1.5" Reducer Crown | Chain Reaction Cycles

Also I have the parts in the photo below - which are from the headset in the Zesty

My main question is: in what order do the below parts fit into the frame?
Failing that, does anyone have a diagram or manual page from Lapierre ?

any help very much appreciated!


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