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Hello all, I have a little story to tell. I have been a bike enthusiast for all of my adult life, getting my first 'grown up' bike back in 1991, to ride back and forth to high school, as I was too young to drive. It was an EARLY 29'er (those dreaded cross bikes), and it quickly became thrashed after a few off-road excursions. But it started my love affair with mountain biking, and I have not regretted one minute. My passion showed to all who knew me, and it spread. Most notably to my older sister's then boyfriend. At first, he chided me for spending so much on a bike (I had moved on from the first DaimondBack to a Giant and then Macalu mtb). But soon after riding it, he was on a bike costing 3x as much! (an early Giant CFR, with a RS Mag 10). He was hooked, and has been addicted ever since (and is now my bro-in-law of 14 years). We have both been through MANY bikes, but our passion for riding has always stayed constant (even if life's other agenda's kept us out of the saddle at times).

Anyway, fast forward to the current day. Finally, after 15+ years of riding together, after a decade and a half of talking about it, we finally had our EPIC bike trip planned. We had done many road trips before (all over OK, to the Berryman in MO, Mt IDA and other places in AR, tried to do Palo Alto last year but got snowed out, 24-hr races, etc, etc), but we had never done that big, beyond all measure EPIC trip that we had been dreaming about since first rolling a knobby tire over some pristine singletrack. But this was the year. Vacation days had been scheduled from work. Tons of convincing to the significant others had been undertaken. The itenerary had been set. And what a trip we had planned. First stop, Rainbow Rim, Grand Canyon; then to Panguitch for Thunder Mountain; over to Tahoe to ride the Downieville/Truckee area trails (possibly throwing in Gooseberry Mesa on our way); the famous FLUME around the lake; some sightseeing in Yosemite; Cannel's plunge outside of Kernville; finally over to SLO to see some old friends, a quick ride at Montano De Oro, and a half day of fun in the surf. All with a lot of stops at local breweries along the way. Perhaps not that EPIC of a trip for those of you who get to ride these trails every summer, but megaloepic for some good ole boys from Tulsa, especially considering every mile was to be pedaled on the back of a single-speed 29'r. For my bro-in-law, married with three kids and with limited 'away from family' vacation opportunities, a truly once in decade type trip. We were all (4-5 of us) stoked beyond measure....then, the WORST happened.

What do I constitute as being the WORST? Check it out, and see if you concur. The Tulsa Tough was in town (a multi-day bike race/fest in downtown Tulsa, crits/road race, etc), and my bro was taking the family for a ride to check it out (they live close to downtown). So they all hop aboard their respective rides (6, 8, and 10 yr old kids, plus my sis), and head to the races. Once in the area, while simply not paying attention, my bro gets too close to an orange 'road construction' barrel. It grabs his bar and throws him to the ground, landing him on his left hip hard on the tarmac. His first tumble it was not, but this one felt different. Instead of jumping up, dusting himself off, and pedaling away, he can't move much at all. He thinks he may be injured somewhat seriously, maybe a dislocation, as his foot is drawn and rotated slightly. So they load up in the SUV and head off to a local E.R. So, there he is, laying in the hospital bed, awaiting his x-ray, when in walks the attending physician to check him out. She does a ROM (range of motion) test, says he must not have fractured anything since the ROM did not cause him excruciating pain, and sends him home with some anti-inflam's and some pain meds, diagnosing his fall as a bruised/sprained hip, no x-ray needed. So for the next two weeks, bro is in hobbling mode, still in a good deal of pain, wondering why it is not subsiding. One Friday afternoon in my driveway he finds out why. As he bends over to pick up a package I had asked him to ship (I was out of town), he hears a bad noise, feels an excruciating pain coarsing through his body, and falls to the ground, unable to move. His mobile is in the center console, nobody is stopping to help (we live on a busy street, apparently with people too busy to help their fellowman), so he begins a very slow and painful 'slither' to the front of his SUV. Finally, after family is contacted and an ambulance shows up, he is back in the same E.R. as two weeks prior. And guess what they do...BINGO!!

NOW they give him an X-ray, what a grand idea doc, good move. What does it reveal? Bro just snapped his femoral neck, shutting off blood flow to his femoral head (the 'hip' that snaps into your pelvis 'socket'), which can lead to some very bad times indeed. Of course, bending over to pick up a package does not cause a Garden Type III femoral neck fracture. What does cause Garden Type III femoral neck fractures? You guessed it, flying through the air superman style and landing on your hip on hard surface. Actually though, as a Type III fracture means the bones are completely fractures and displaced, he would have been unable to walk for two weeks if his injury had been that severe. Most likely, at the time of the fall, he suffered a Type I fracture (impacted, still able to bear wieght), bad enough, but nothing compared to the injury he now had. ER Doc (different than before) comes in (in obvious shock) and tells him how dire his situation is, and gets him scheduled for surgery pronto (they had to wait for a GSW to clear the O.R. first). So a few hours later, bro is getting cut, then they drill three large screws up through his femur into the head to hold it all together, and hopefully return blood flow to the vital areas. It was successful, he is back home, but will be in rehab for quite some time, and likely will have a diminished quality of life as regards that left hip from now on.

Of course, this means the EPIC SS adventure we had been planning for years was now out of the question. All his vacation has been used up while he lays in pain on his couch instead of ripping through some of the best scenery in the country. Royal suckage to the highest degree gentleman. So, why am I telling you guys all of this? While I can not change what happened to my bro, I am hoping, that with the MTBR communities help, we can make a difference in what will happen. While I think his job is secure, and while he does have insurance, I am sure there will be some significant financial stressed placed upon him and his family for a good while. He nor his family has any idea I am doing this, and they have asked for nothing, but I want to do something. Let it be known, I am not asking for donations. What I had in mind was this. Over the years, my bro has amassed a good bit of bike stuff, as any of us who have been in this game for while knows. He was getting ready to put some of this up for sale (most notably, a simply wicked custom Wolfhound single-speed 29'r, some of you have probably seen pics). I wanted to help that process along. So I contacted some of our mutual riding buddies, and we are going to put a large classified ad up, with the aforementioned Wolfhound, along with whatever misc parts we each have lying around that may be worth some dough, with all the proceeds going to the 'walker' boy. You guys can play your part buy buying some of this stuff, and telling everyone you know what we are doing. I would so much appreciate it, as I am sure my bro will when he finds out. Again, I am not asking for any donations, though I will not turn any down, but I just want to garner some interest for the little 'yard sale' that we are getting ready to have. I don't know what all parts will be in it, but I am sure I have some stuff stockpiled that some of you may find interesting. Anyway, thanks for your time guys and gals.
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