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Help needed :D (marin team issue)

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I was wondering if you could help me on getting any info on this frame; what year is it, weight, material and so on...?

Wondering because i was given an opportunity to purchase this frame on ebay but there is no supstancial info on it, and I cant find anything online.. so i would be very very thankful if anyone could help me.

Thank You
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Really? You cant find anything online for Marin Team Issue Fame? Did you try Google? Or Marin's website?
Yes ,really!!!!!
Did You try to find that exact frame? Try it, and then write something that has sense!

lower right hand side...

my guess, it's older than 2005 ---

they've been doing tapered & hydro formed tubes for a while now.

it's NOT current, that's for sure.
That link sent me to an effing virus down load page!! WTF!
Here is a surprising answer i got from MARIN INTERNATIONAL:
*I sent them a photo yesterday
---Dear Martin,

the Bike you found on Ebay is a 2008 Team Issue Frame.

The Bike was a Special Model made for the German Market. Frame Weight is around 1360 Gramm made out of Scandium.

We sold that as a complete Bike with XTR Components only.

The Price was 2990 Euros.

Best regards
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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