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Help needed : After servicing Mavic Crossmax ST 09 Rear hub dragging..

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I replaced my Mavic Crossmax ST Freehub bushing and did the maintenance as per RougeMechanic's i am facing a problem with my Rear wheel dragging and same time it will spin my crankset as well....

Anyone has a solution to this ??
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Washer missing maybe???

The only thing I can think of is that maybe you forgot to put the washer between the freehub bearing and the hub bearing. I did it once and it started dragging a lot.
hi i didn't forget about the washer, it's in there...
Yup i'm using the mineral oil provided by Hubdoctor...
Double check the rubber washer

If you put it on wrong it will drag the freehub. Also check to see that the preload is not too tight. Other than that sounds like you did it properly.


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guys ...thanks for the input...after much trial and error and help from the hubdoctor himself...i've finally found the KCNC Ti Skewers...they were not holding it correctly...after replacing it with the original Mavic skewers, no more close for this....

thanks all....
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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