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Help! need links to trail sign vendors

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Some past threads on this subject have disappeared, tho' I thought they weren't that old. State parks and some other land managers around the Seattle area are rethinking their sign standards (to the extent they have any) and we need some examples to consider. Thanks in advance.
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We have been working with the USFS for years and we have thrown our hands up with the crazy costs of signs! We now bring out the router and blender for our margarita sign routing parties.
We use 1" think cedar, route, spraypaint lettering black then wipe with floor stain right away to give cool antique look to face. Fast, easy and the best part is that they are personal. Far from perfect lettering, they reflect the fun and creativity we put into the trails. FYI, substitute margaritas w tea if you think a router is too dangerous or if the green shirts are in attendance.

We use for our custom signs, and for our standard stuff.

Try a search for "signs" on this forum, specifying "Any Date" for the find posts from field. There should be over 90 threads found, dating back to 2004 or so.
I keep a list of links here:

Feel free to use, especially since I tend to mine forums like this (and probably some of the missing posts) for new entries :)

Go Garden State! Icing on the cake is this gets me some cred with the walkers.

They do custom signs at reasonalbe rates. Good quality. Great company.
We use carsonite posts and now switched to 3" wide decals- wayyyyy easier than having plasitc signs rivited to the posts. A local sign maker does the decals and they are much less $$$$. He does our standard decal with Mtn Bike, Hiking, Snowshoe symbols and others for XC skiing.
here is the info:
Action Racing & Sign Co
N2165 State Highway 95
Neillsville, WI 54456-6866
(715) 743-6129
NPS specs

Loren_ said:
We use for our custom signs, and for our standard stuff.
Use National Park Service sign standards, approval will be easier when dealing with gov't agencies. Other benefit is that you will spend less time maintaining signage.

The Fossil Inc signs are about as good as you can do, and are easy to relace or update. They print your graphic files so you have total control.

The Carsonite delineators are durable and easy to configure. They are also easy to vandalize, you can basically snap them off at ground level. Having said that, I have had 1" solid steel rod posts hacksawed off, so nothing is truly vandal proof.


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for all the quick responses. I've passed the info on to the relevant parties.
we use signs from Voss Signs
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