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Hey all,

I'm heading out to the great state of Washington, from Northern CO, around the memorial day weekend! I'm on my way to the Primal Quest Adventure race, as a volunteer (would be nice to actually race!), which is to be held somewhere, within 4-5 hours of Seattle. They don't release the actual location until closer to the race. However, I don't need to be "there" for check in until the 14th. If I leave here on, say, the 4th/6thish, that gives me some time to check out some new mtn biking spots on the way.

Looking for advice on places "not to be missed" between point A and B.Yeah, I don't know my exact route, but look at map, and see if such a prime riding place may be within a reasonable route. Thinking I would head through Wyoming - maybe hit Jackson (i do love it there), then on though southern Idaho, Oregon, then up into Washington. Who knows, if I find out it's near the Canadien border, I may shoot north and go across through Spokane.

Am I asking too much, without enough info for you?

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