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HELP- my ETSX-50 is making a scary sound (possible crack?)

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so I have a new scary sound on my bike. the only changes I have made was the bike shop did a crack check where they bend the bike sideways and listen for creeks which indicate a crack, they also tightened up a couple of the pivot points. Now I do not notice the noise when I put weight strictly on the seat tube and bounce on the rear shock. But if I put pressure on the pedal and bounce on the shock I hear the nasty yet quiet creek. I mostly here it when Im pedaling and causing the pivots to move. I also can hear it sometimes if I, while riding, put pressure one one pedal and then the other continuously this causes a side bend in the bike and I hear the noise. I think it is a dreaded crack or the bike shop tightened a pivot to much. Im just worried that when the mechanic at the bike shop tweaked my bike from the side to check for cracks he screwed something up. It is coming from around the mid to low seat tube and I will try to isolate where the creek is coming from then update this post.
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oh yea, just clear something up the bike shop did a crack check and tightened the pivots before i noticed the noise, And I know that they did not here a creek during the crack check but they would bend my bike so much it seems like that in its self could cause a crack
The stresses you put on the bike riding it are far greater than those bending moments they can do off the bike putting some sideways stresses on it.

What year of ETSX? What type of headset? I had a creak appear on my 2004 ETSX and it turned out to be the top headset bearing cap on the Race Face Thermo SP headset, and the headset top bearing cap was replaced on warranty.

It's also possible that the pivots need some grease on the pivot axles where they contact the bearings if the noise only showed up after they tightened the pivots.
well thats funy because the guy at the bike shop showed me a loud popping noise that might have been coming from my head set, he thought it was the fork at first but then he said it was most likely my stem or something but it could easily be the head set. I have a 04 etsx and it is the ritchy logic heat set which came on the bike. but I sware it sounds like it is coming from around the seat tube.
A visual inspection will certainly turn up any crack big enough to make that kind of noise, it will be visible through the paint.

If you haven't replaced the suspension pivot bearings, they're a good candidate, especially if the creak is audible under pedal torque. If you disconnect one end of the shock (remove the QR) and move the suspension through its travel, check for a flat spot where it wants to drop into one position, or for any play.
there is a tiny amount of play from the rear shox pivot. I do not think that it is making the noise though.
Did the shop check all the other usual candidates for creaks in that area? BB threads? chainring bolts? pedals? crank arm to spline interface?
the creak started after I went to the shop. He did a quick check of the bike I dont think he did any of the things you just mentioned, he just tightened the rotors and a couple pivots so I hope he just over tightened somthing
rockyuphill said:
Did the shop check all the other usual candidates for creaks in that area? BB threads? chainring bolts? pedals? crank arm to spline interface?
did you mean to say creaks or cracks here?
Creaks. The fact that the noises started after they tightened the pivots, I'd wonder if they overtightened something.
well I finally figured out what the noise was. The hydraulic housing would rub near the seat tube creating the creaking. A quick tape and tie has fixed the issue. Im very happy that was all it was.
-thanks for the input rockyuphill
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