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Help Meeee

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i just got into the mtb scene i traded my bmx for an 05 specialized p2 :madman: stooped now i wish it rode like a bmx i brought it to a shop to get a single speed kit but i went to pick it up and they blew my hub so no kit but i will have money for a 9t profile hub dose anybody know if i could fit bmx cranks on it or am i going to have to buy the profile cranks with specal widths if so dose any1 know how wide the BB shell is :confused:

:rolleyes: pls help :rolleyes:
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The best deal I've found on cranks / BB are here:

WTF do you mean they blew your hub and who is they? If you're buying a hub you need to make sure it's 135mm in width for the rear. No regular BMX hub will work with a frame designed for 8-9 speed cassette. If you're going that route I just suggest purchasing the Azonic Outlaws wheel set. They retail for $330 for the whole set but you can get them cheaper.

Anyway, I hope this helps even though this post isn't too clear.
prolly 68mm or 73mm euro yes the make bbs that fit bmx cranks and your bb shell find out your frame specs and look on danscomp i know khe and profile make em

who got blown?
claytin bike center i left my bike there for a week because i orderd a single speed conversion kit the kit hadent come after a week and i need a bike for the weekend so i went to go pick it up and it had a flat tire and a blown rear hub btw: i brought it in with a brand new tube (from the claytin bike center) and a almost brand new hub :thumbsup: fkin asshols
i figurd a bmx hub wudent work kuz for 1 it has no disk mounts and 2 its for bmx sorry this post isnt too clear in short i wanna no if i can throw my old bmx cranks on an 05 specialized p2
the answer to that question is still yes

but r those fools who trashed ur bike gonna fix it for free? have you thrown a shtfit at them yet? and what is blown and irreplaceable about your hub? did the spokes rip the flanges apart? free test ride anyone?

final thoughts- Dont trust and/or depend on bike shops
never let them touch ur setup
If u want a single speed kit spend the extra ten bucks for a cassette tool and if your to cheep to get a whip rig a chainwhip with an old chain and vice grip
stock your own spare parts before they break and have all the tools to rebuild so you can when u need to(replacables,chains, brake parts, grips, forks(marz)...)
i dont recommend rigging tools but what u got is better than a trip to the lbs
with my bmx bike i knew it top 2 bottom and back around again but kuz i just got the mtb i dont know it as well so i brought it to a shop but no there not going to get it fixed for me kuz there shure it was me whoo blew it and i wold love to have casset how do i do it ?
the brrings got loose (and they didnt tighten it) then probably rode it got a flat and by then the loose berrings chewd up the hub shell:thumbsup:
Yeah... I doubt they broke it. A shop ride doesn't consist of more than a ride around the parking lot to make sure it works... if that.
There have been bikes I've test rode after I've done work to it and I can agree with XSL. Even though the bike is amazing and I want to ride the heck out of it I fight the urge. It's not my bike to abuse, I have my own to do that.
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