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Hi all, I am looking for some helpful advice. I currently have 3 bikes and live in a small 2 bedroom apartment which makes getting a 4th bike very inconvienient. The bikes I have are as follows

Cannondale F4. I use this for smooth xc trails, riding the roads, commuting, and bike paths

2005 Santa cruz heckler. I use this for the very rocky, rooty trails we have here in the east and some light downhill.

2006 Jamis komodo. I use this for light downhill and general fooling around and urban freeriding.

I recently demo'd a specialized stump FSR on local trails and realized that maybe my heckler is a bit too much for the rough trails I ride here and this has me thinking I could sell some or all of my bikes and get new ones that fit my needs better. I've never felt "right" on the heckler. I also am getting more into downhill and don't have a bike that is suited for that.

I was thinking of selling the heckler and getting a "trailbike" and building the Komodo as a full DH bike. I have a few other ideas as well and I'm open to others. Anyone know how get 3 bikes that work great for all the types of riding I do? Probably a stupid topic but I'm bored.
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