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Help me use my 1lb tub of lube: where?

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okay so my 1lb tub of Park 1000 polylube Grease just arrived. Where am i supposed to apply grease?

-stem bolts? (answered below, yes)
-stem faceplate where it attaches to handlebar? (answered below: no)
-saddle rails? (answered below, yes if creaking)
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pedal threads..........dang, just about any threaded thing unless it is Ti.
Most metal on metal contact points
-seat tube insertion area for seatposts (not carbon seatposts)
-stem bolts
-pedal threads
-BB cups
-BB spindle (not for square taper)
-Crank bolts (though I prefer Blue Loctite here)
-Seatpost clamp bolt threads
-Seatpost saddle clamp bolt(s) threads
-Cup and cone bearings
-Other bearings

A 1lb tub is likely to last you about 10 years
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nice, keep the ideas coming!

do saddle rails need to be? i dont think so now right?

i will be getting TI spindle pedals, i have some Park Anti-Seize for that application (if you're nice, you'd help me list some applications for Anti-Seize also)~!
louisssss said: saddle rails need to be? i dont think so now right?...
I grease the saddle rails where they contact the clamp. Otherwise I get creaking.

Don't grease the interfaces between the steerer tube/stem and stem/handlebar. Do grease the bolt threads and under the bolt heads.
Put it on some toast, great for the preride snack.
your chain! LOL nope none on your chain you have to wax that........accually you should have posted this in beginner's corner I'm sure you will get some intresting sugestions there:) just use it for maintenence!
Works as chamois butter too. Slather it generously on your chamois and go ride.
mtnbiker72 said:
-BB spindle (not for square taper)
Why not for square taper? I remember hearing this advice years back, but then when I read several manufacturers instructions (Race face I remember in particular), they had you use grease. When I bought a shimano square taper bb recently, is came with the spindle pre-greased.
Oh you know where.....
louisssss said:
Where am i supposed to apply grease?
Handlebar grips, inner tubes and saddles. :)
Oh, this is too easy...
and to protect the frame from rain mud etc cover the whole thing in it. :)
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