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help me upgrade to a 5" bike

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I'm currently riding an '07 FSR SJ, without the brain, and stinks if i ever want to stand up and smash. I'm also a single speed rigid rider. I've also taken to bombing down hills more am bottoming out my 120mm of suspension. So I'm looking for 140mm of travel with a rear suspension that will allow me to stand up and smash every once in a while. The SJ headtube angle is is 68.5°, and would be ok with something a little slacker.

So what are my choices and what would you pick? for under $2k(frame)
Santa Cruz Blur LT
Ibis Mojo
Pivot 5
Yeti 575

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To your list I'd add the Turner 5-spot, the Titus FTM, and the Yeti ASR-5. Can't remember if the carbon version of the latter comes in at under $2K or not, but it's a 5" travel trail bike at 4.75 lbs for a large frame. Also, it has a slacker head angle than many of the 5" offerings at 68 degrees. I am intrigued by it for sure, would love to ride one.

David B.
Ok, I'll be the first a-hole of this post. I understand the want for a new bike, but if you're bottoming out your bike, you need more preload; and if you don't like the brain, turn down the brain threshold. Any brain equipped bike I've ever rode I just turn off the brain and it works brilliantly.

Of your choices, the 575 rips and the Mojo is really fun as well. I wasn't a huge Blur LT fan, it blows through travel too easily for me when I'm trying to hop something. I'd go ride the ASR-5, I've heard it's damn near amazing. And the new Stumps are 140mm travel and are really nice.
I have a stumpy without the brain, with the triad shock. It's pretty lousy, and upgraded to an rp23 is not straight forward.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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