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so, now that i know i can upgrade my cranks, need some help with my front derailleur. I currently have the stock front that came with my epic: SRAM X.7, 10-speed, S3 direct mount for DMD, bottom pull.

Is the X0 Spec3 - 42T - Bottom Pull from CRC the right one?
SRAM X0 2x10sp Low Direct Front Mech | Buy Online |

here is my plan for my drivetrain:

RaceFace Turbine 2x10 with Wickwerks rings 42/28 (267.50us)

Wickwerks Chainrings on RaceFace Turbine 2x10 Crank

RaceFace X-type Team XC Bottom Bracket (36 cdn)

Race Face X-Type Team XC Bottom Bracket - Mountain Equipment Co-op. Free Shipping Available

Sram X0 2 speed left (80 cdn)

Sram XO 2 Speed Left/Front Shifter : DUNBAR CYCLES ONLINE
X9 2x10 if back in stock (52 cdn)
SRAM X9 2x10sp Trigger Shifter | Buy Online |

anything i'm missing (other then chain, that i have)???

Thanks for any help :D

**edit to add link for the front derailleur.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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