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Okay, i've been doing a lot of research so I buy the best bike. Not any specific money range, I could do anything from $500-1200 dollars. I'm getting back into biking and want a decent mountain bike. Something that I'm not going to have to fix a lot of stuff on. I'm just getting back into it, so I'm not trying to buy a really badass bike, just something that has a good bang for the buck. The bikes I'm looking at are:

specialized rockhoppers:

Gary Fisher Genesis series:

Trek 6500 or 6700:

Kona cross country series:

KHS alite 3000:

or maybe a giant, or any other bike - i'm open to suggestions

I've been talking with the guys at the LBS and riding some of the bikes around. One says the genesis is a good series because of how you sit. But when I look at the parts it seems like you get the best combo of parts on a specialized or trek for your money.

Also I found a 2005 kikapu from a guy who has only rode it about 25 miles. I took a look at it and it was in great shape and its my size aswell. He said he would sell it for $650.

What would ya'll recommend?
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