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Help me, I'm misaligned!

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I'm hoping someone can answer a frustrating problem I'm having with rotor alignment on Hope C2s (on a Ti hardtail with SID 100s up front).

A while back, I simply took off my front wheel and put it back only to find my beautifully tuned brakes were out of whack. The rotor that was once smack in the middle of the calipers now needed shimming to get it centered.

Recently I took off my rear wheel to make some repairs and the same thing happened. The rotor that was once perfectly centered was now off to one side. Three shims later I have it centered again. In neither case was the caliper banged or the rotor bent, and in both cases the wheel was clamped as tight as I could get it.

Can anyone give some insight into why taking a wheel off can throw the rotor alignment off whack? Any idea how to get it all centered again?
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Your skewer is the guilty one...

Those are the guilty ones. The flexion induced is what causes the rotor to get offset.

Don't worry. It happens no matter what your bike or brake is yours. It happens to all of us.

Someone else can tell you how to put the caliper in place to avoid shimming. But I can tell you that something that helps is to make a mark on the axle and the dropouts and make them match anytime you replace your wheel and try to apply the same force anytime you tighten the skewer.

I would think that squeezing the levers would re-set the pads to avoid rubbing if the systems is open but I dunno for real.

That's why I love Avid mechs!!!
Thanks... I figured it was something totally out of my control. I'll play around with some other skewers I have. Hopefully i can get things lined up cuz i ran out of shims.

It's a closed system, so no luck realigning the pads. Bah.
no, it ain't the skewers fault

You just need to try to put the same tension you had on the skewer before you took it off. Try making it a little looser, and looser until the rotor is in the right place. It is a pain, I know. Apparently there are some skewers you can buy that automatically adjust to the right pre-set tension, however I don't know the name of them. Maybe someone else could chime in. -t
There's even a gizmo to fix the QR... but I don't remember either....
The skewers are the same, so I'll try quarter turns to see if I can get it right.

Otherwise, does anyone know where to get a shim the same shape as the face of a standard six-hole disc hub to move the rotor out slightly? Otherwise I'm stacking up round shims, which doesn't seem like the best idea.
Turn your axle cones on your wheels into a different position in the dropouts and see if the find the spot that worked before you took your wheels offf. Then mark cone at 6 O'Clock position and always put wheel back on with the mark on the cone at 6 O'Clock , And try calling Ringle I think they may have the spacer you "may" need.
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