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Help me identify marzocchi fork

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Hi guys, pls help me identify this marzocchi fork and ignore the fox decals
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Is there a serial number? From the bridge is dont look like a marzocchi but I may be wrong. The color of legs is look like a marzocchi. More picture can help more! How much travel it have?
I found a image almost same with yours the 2010 Marzocchi 66 RC-3 Ti 180mm 20QR DH
It's a 170mm, wheel size 26er and model number M110043166, tapered with only air adjustment and rebound speed adjustment, not sure about the 'thing' on the opposite side of the fork
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This red thing is compression I think. I found another similar fork 55 CR 26" 170mm Travel Suspension Forks. Not sure for the year of this fork.
Not very sure about the yellow adjustment on the 55 but the rest looks the exact same, thanks
It’s a marzocchi 55R, possibly with a new csu
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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