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Hi All, newbie here. I posted this on a local retro mtb page and was redirected here as someone thought I'll have more luck.

I picked up the bike below as a project bike. Previous owner was a lady who purchased it in Germany circa 1992-4. Couldn't tell me much more about it as her husband organised it all and they've now seperated. Somewhere along the line it got repainted/powdercoated where it lost it's branding. Serial number on BB is hard to make out as the paint is so thick but looks like 94050014. Was spec'd up quite nicely.
  • Deore XT FD (top pull) and shifters
  • Suntour XC Pro RD
  • Ritchey Rear Dropouts (Fork Dropouts were just plain)
  • Deore LX cantis
  • Specialized cranks
  • Mavic hubs on Araya RM-17/Campagnolo Mirox Rims.
  • ProCraft Stem (someone has pointed out that this is a cheapish German component brand)
  • 30.4 Seatpost.
Any ideas based on the above info and the frame's distinguishing features? Originally I thought it may have been a Diamondback but all the cables run on the topside of the toptube. Most of the Diamondbacks I have seen run on the side of the toptube or have some cables running via the downtube. Any help would be appreciated from those much more knowledgeable than I. Gracias!!


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From the pics, it could be any number of dozens of early 90's MTBs, as many used Ritchey drop outs, and there's virtually nothing distinctive in the pics, Trek, Specialized, Marin, all had pretty vanilla looking frames exactly like this.

The finer details like seatpost QR, if even original, are the only tells, and it sorta says Trek to me. Any other stand out elements? Post those.
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