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Having gone to uni in a flat location, and been miles from my bikes I havent really ridden in the past errr 4 years - wow, surprised myself there. A bit of trials riding but not much else.
I found I have no time and energy when i get in, and the spare moments when I do have energy (like weekends) I'm either kitesurfing (if its windy)or out with the girlfriend.
Well I went to Cyprus on hols, and saw Ade from (not an advert, just a nod for starting me thinking again) and he sort of inspired me to some extent - he was so enthusiastic and full of knowledge of his area - brilliant, even though I was there on a kitesurfing holiday :)
So I came home fully intending to get the old coyote out for a blast - its sitting there immaculately clean. But somehow I just cant be bothered when I get in from work, it been raining so the local (mostly flat) trails are slippery and tiresome to ride on, no swift sections just plugging away. And the next best place is an hours drive away. And even that is poor in comparison with the French Alps that spoilt it all for me. And to make matters worse, I come back here for inspiration and theyve deleted my account - depressing :D

ANYWAY - someone give me some thoughts to get me motivated again. Dya reckon I should start back on the full sus or build up my hardtail again - a bit less tiring on my local trails.

Cheers all
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