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I'm looking for some tubes to carry on my race bike as a spares.


->45 mm stem length
-Will reliably fit in a 29"x2.25" tire

-A latex 'cross tube might work, if I can find one. Will the latex become fragile when stretched though?
-I can also use a butyl 'cross tube, but I'm concerned about stretch as well.
-Any 26" x 2" latex tubes out there with long stems?
-Forte LunarLight 26" x 2" could work; any experience with these?

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I wouldn't use a cross tube in anything larger than a 29x1.9. The area around the valve stem doesn't stretch as well, and you end up with an indentation in the tire at that area.

Just use a lightweight 26" tube in your tire. You can find them at around 125g and 48mm stem length. It's what I carry for a spare XC tube, whether I'm on a 26" bike or 29er.
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