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Help Me Find a Ti Spring

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Hey guys,

Riding a 04' 5 Spot. Think its time to upgrade my romic to a DHX 5.0 with a ti-spring.

Trouble is, I'm not have any luck finding a ti spring with a 1.38 ID in a 450 x 2 for a shock spec in 7.5 x 2.

Any ideas?
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Well, avlananche sent me a 450X2.25 for my 7.5x2.0 and said it would work fine. So I"m thinking if you look for a 2.25 you should have what you need.

perhaps more can chime in here.
Diverse Suspension Products ( will do one for $149. I am considering one for my 5-Spot also. From what I hear they are fairly reputable and they answered my questions quickly and thoroughly.
You would only need to order a 2.0 spring from them as they spec theirs slightly differently than other makers. A 2.0 spring will fit a 2.0 shock with up to two full turns of preload (as it should be). They use as little spring length as is required to keep the weight and cost down.

do they have a site? Can't find them.
Check my post.....the link is right there.

Yea DSP is the way to go... cheap and easy to get
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