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I can't make my mind up between these two bikes. I like the look of both of them
1) Velorbis Scrap Deluxe
2) Retrovelo 'Paul'

I'm ordering one of these two bikes tomorrow. As of now I have hit a brick wall as to which one I like the most. I will be riding for leisure and am not into speed. Perhaps once in a blue moon I will take the bike to a hike and bike trail such as this but will mostly be pottering around the neighborhood and local lakes.

A few images
Scrap Deluxe

Retrovelo Paul

Specs: Scrap Deluxe
Men's 53 cm

Frame Luged Chromoly Tubing frame made in Germany (size 21" & 23")
Fork Full Chromoly, Square shoulder + cable guides
Paint No paint - Clear coated anti rust protected
B.B. shell Kinex alu Kinex
Crankset 46t Steel dogleg
Chain guard half closed for 46t
Rims Van Shothorst stainless 26 x 1.75 Van Shothorst
Spokes Stainless 2mm front and 2,34 rear
Front hub Dynamo hub - X-FDD 6v x 3w Sturmey Archer
Rear hub XRD3, XRD5, XRD8 - Freewheel, drum brake Sturmey Archer
Sprocket 21t Sturmey Archer
Rim tape Plastic Schwalbe
Tyres BLOND FAT BOY 26 x 1.75c with 3m and Reflective band - 60 mm Schwalbe
Mudguards Retro model 451 with nose
Tubes 26 x 1.75c with AUTO walve Schwalbe
Chain Z410 RB KMC Rustless
Seat post Kalloy SP-907 Chromoly. 26.8 Chrom plated
Saddle Brooks B67 Antique Brown Leather BROOKS
Seat post clamp Stainless bolt 8x60mm with stainless nut
Headset Neco H131 36mm Chrome Plated 22.2 x 30 x 27 8 pcs
Stem KY40/promax HS503s stainless high polished 250mm silver
Handlebar Zoom NR 14 steel Chrome Plated
Shifter Sturmey Archer 3 & 5 speed old type shifter, 8 speed grip shifter Sturmey Archer
Grips Brooks leather antique brown BROOKS
Mud flap front wheel Brooks leather antique brown BROOKS
Front brake Drum brake (S.A. X-FDD 6v x 3w) Sturmey Archer
Brake lever 4 fingers roundlever Promax
Rear Carrier Classic 45 cm/ 18" with bracket holder for lap top BOMI
Reflectors NA included in tyres and head lamp
Pedals Union classic model anti slip Union
Bolts and nuts Stainless
Kickstand âthran steel galvanised âthran
Bell ring ring…chrome plated
Lock Not included
Coat Guard Not included
Rear light 4D lite Plus 330 CALK with Chrome casing Bush & Müller
Front light B&M 1706CSNDi Lumotec Retro senso plus Bush & Müller

Specs: Retrovelo 'Paul'

Frame, Fork- CrMo-Steel (main tube set), hand-soldered
Frame Height- Women's 52 cm, Men's 56 cm
Handlebar- Bearing 1" RITCHEY Logic black
Saddle- BROOKS B 67, leather core saddle, honey or black
Crank Set -aluminium SUGINO chainring 130 mm, 42 teeth with chainring guard
Chain-KMC 1/2x3/32 silver/brown
Chainguard -powder-coated in frame colour
Pedals- aluminium with non-slip rubber surface
Brakes-Shimano Roller Brake, BR-IM 41
Rims-SCHOTTHORST-ST 32, stainless steel, powder-coated in cream or black
Tyres- Schwalbe „FAT FRANK" 26 x 2,35", creme or black
Inner Tubes-Schwalber Schrader-valve (car valve)
Front End-steel 80/100 mm, 25°, powder-coated in frame colour
Handlebar-steel 57/67 cm width, chrome-plated
Grips -soft filament profile, skin-friendly TPE
Bell -brass-safety bell, chrome-plated
Brake Lever-aluminium (silver-coloured coating)
Dynamo-BASTA-Turbo sidewall or Shimano hub dynamo
Front Light-Halogen AXA-T5 brass or B&M LUMOTEC-N Retro, chrome-plated
Rear Light-Busch & Müller SECULITE plus, LED with parking light, chrome-plated
Mudguards-Steel - 65 mm galvanised, powder-coated in frame colour
Fender Straps-Stainless steel
Rack-Tube rack, powder-coated in frame colour - from 2007

I don't know much about bikes so any insight from you guys would be appreciated in helping me decide which one to get.

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550 foot elevation gain in four miles? you are going to need a bike with some gears and a more aggressive riding position. The heavy grandma bike in the photos would be okay for putting around on flat city streets, going to the store ext....

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A 40 pound bike is to heavy to go on a bike trail with that kind of elevation gains? Mostly I'll just putter around my local area but it's nice to have the option to go on a real trail

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Don't care what you ride it for. Jeez, we've got folks riding fixies on the trail, for goodness sake! :eek:

Based purely on looks, my vote is for the Scrap. That's a pretty bike. The other is okay, though I must admit my first reaction was that it looks like one of the ghost bikes, which is kinda creepy.

Whatever you end up with, enjoy!
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