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Help me decide....

516 Views 9 Replies 9 Participants Last post by  ronny new trail bike that can handle abuse. Thought I should post this in this forum since most of you guys are hard-core !! So my options are....

- Intense 6.6 => seems the geometry is rather XC-oriented....
- Nomad => was my 1st choice....but not sure about durability....
- Foes fxr 2:1 => New, No review, No feedback....
- Ellesworth Rogue => too burly.... 1st one to get out of the list...
- Turner 6 pack => My current target !

First, I started looking at those VPP frames. In addition to VPP, they get 160mm+ travel that would likely to suit my FOX36van well. However, I personally not sure about the durability. Too many pivots & little links cause flex ? as well as long term weary ? (new frame will be used 2,3 years)

So, with less travel than those VPP frames, but looks very tough is the 6pack. I do go to shuttle/lift rides 3,4 times a year, but mostly trail riding. I would like to jump/drop/manual/hop.... but the weight isn`t my top concern. I want a bike I can pedal all day, huck once a while, decend with confidence. I`ve seem some pics big guys dropping on 6packs.

So..... 6pack ??
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stinky...cjeck them out too or even an old bullitt (which I think would be a great fit...ask TNC)
Transition Preston

It doesn't have as much travel, 4-5 inches, but it is an amazing bike and can be built up at a reasonable weight. I have hit almost everything on my Preston as I have with my AS-X. Its a great handling bike and Transition is one of the best companies to deal with, great guys, great price.

Check out my website and see some of the stuff me and my buddy have put them through. Also a great review on the site about the bike.
Been lovin my Bullit...

...going on three years. My Joker cracked three times before I wised up and and got rid of it. Keep it simple (single pivot) and you'll have fewer headaches :cool:
Bikes on your list, Turner 6 Pack :)
stinky or the 6 pack
austinb89 said:
stinky or the 6 pack
Thanks you all for kind advise. Never thought of the stinky, the frame seems jst too much for my riding. As for Bullit, the frame is simple & strong & the fact that so many riders are on Bullits abusing it, might consider it as one of my list.

hmmmm, still searching around. ( well, this decision making is the best time : ) )
The SC Nomad is an unbelievable bike. VPP system is undoubtedly one of the best if not the best on the market, quilaity of these bikes is a non-issue. A bullit would be a great choice however, If you want a new one think again, their discontinued for 2006 as the Nomad is in its place and ALL of the 2005 Bullits are long sold out.
The Turner 6-Pack is a great bike as well, if you like it sure go for it, it wont let you down. The Intense is certainly a great bike but I would put it after the Nomad in build, design, and ride quality and of lesser quality than the 6-Pack, probably a better ride but why go for the 6.6 when you can get a Nomad.
The Foes...the warranty expires the second you take it out of the shop why chance it, SC has a reputable warranty as does Turner.
If it was MY choice I would go for the Nomad however you may preffer the 6-Pack, test them out if you can. IMO forget about the others on the list on the exception of perhaps Ivan The Terrible's suggestion of the Trasition Preston, if perhaps you want a little more travel, the Transition Dirtbag.
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Out of the listed choices, I like the 6-pack the best. The new TNT rear end should make the bike stiffer and be less maintenance overall. Whether or not it is better than the HL version, is something you will have to decide.

You mentioned that you will only be hucking once in a while and will be doing mostly trail riding. If this is the case, I would also recommend a bike(s) like the Heckler, Preston, Specialized Enduro, Kona Coiler, and Sabre.

I have owned a Heckler and more recently, the Preston and both these bikes can do everything that you want and are way cheaper than the others on your list.
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