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Greetings all!

Ive got an old beat to balls trek 850 that ive had since 1994, looking to get something new and keep the trek as a spare but cant decide which bike? I live in Florida now so mainly flat riding, pavement and some light fire trails. Im a big guy, 5 10 205lbs so want something solid. I cked out a few local bike shops but want to spend less, saw two choices from performance bikes but have to order em to the store (no way to demo ride)...both leftover 2013 models, both $264 (incidentally the same amount as my current credit card rewards-free bike basically) first is the fuji 1.9v, second bike is fuji 2.1 29er..the 1.9v has an aluminum frame and some better components, the 2.1 has the larger wheels...dont wanna spend more or buy leaning towards the 1.9v? but 2.1 is close behind, a recommendation would be greatly appreciated!

2.1 29er

Fuji Nevada 29 2.1 29er Mountain Bike - 2013


Fuji Nevada 1.9V 26" Mountain Bike - 2013
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