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Hello and thanks for your help in advance.

I am looking for a bike that will get me to work during the week and do well on beg/int trails on the weekend. My ride to work is not long but there are some hills (SF hills) in between.

Most of my weekend riding is with my girlfriend on easy single trails or pavement. Usually in Marin, Half Moon Bay, SF or Tahoe. Nothing too crazy though.

I rode a Highball this weekend and loved it. I had the Cannondale Trail 29-5 in my original consideration set because a shop by me had a good deal on one and they, of course, tried to sell me on it because the SC Highball was at their competitors shop.

The plan is to by this bike to get me to work mostly, and then if it gets a lot of use on the weekend I will buy a Full Suspension.

Please let me know your thoughts. Pros/cons and if I am missing anything that I should be thinking about.

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