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Help me choose please!

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I have tow to three wekks and I will be buying a new bike but which one?
I have it narrowed down to four bikes going from lowest to highest cost I am down to the Giant Talon 29er 2 at 699.99, the Giant Yukon FX at 849.99, the Gary Fisher Mamba at 879.99 or the Giant Trance X4 at 1229.99. Now my budget is really at 1000 or less so the Trance really doesn't fit but I could make it work. I really like the cost of the Talon 29er but at the same time am I better off to spend the extra money and get the FS Yukon?

I really like the idea of a FS bike but at the same time it usually turns out that the more moving parts you have the more you have to break and the more it costs to fix. I do really like the Trance but it will put me over budget and I just don't konw if it is worth doing that. I feel that the Talon would be all the more bike I need but then I look at the specs of the Talon and the Mamba and the Mamba does have better parts on it but are they worth the extra 179 bucks?

What do I do? I know this is an apples or oranges comparison but this is my situation and any help you can send my way will help me more than you may know. I ride mainly only weekends no jumps to speak of just mostly trails but I do like to go all out from time to time just to give you some idea of my riding style.
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WilsonJvl said:
What do I do?
First you test ride all of them. Then you buy the one you like most. Just before you pull the trigger be honest with yourself regarding whether or not you'll be upgrading parts or whole bike in a year or two. If you'll have upgrade itis get the upgrade to begin with. Have fun.
I am never happy and will always want something different!
If your budget is $1000, you should hold out for an extra paycheck or two and get the Giant Trance :thumbsup:
Have you checked used FS bikes? Maybe a used stumpy or FSRXC...giant trance would be a bike that you could keep for awhile.
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