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Dear all,

I used to ride as a teenager a lot 20+ years ago, when bikes where all Cro-Mo and indexed gears were top of the range things I couldn't afford...Then I sort of quitted - kept biking of course but for commuting only.
I just relocated myslef in the front range, and I HAVE to ride again :).
I checked new bikes around...but don't liek the feel of what you have new fro less than $600.
I spotted two used bikes which are a good fit size-wise and suit my budget, and some advice woudl be highly appreciated.:
BikePedia - 2010 Specialized Rockhopper Expert - 2007 Marin Palisades Trail

The specialized is for $550 and is in great shape.
The Marin is for $400 and as been obviously well maintained but has some paint chips on the frame (and I';ll have to change tires very soon).

Do you guys think the age of the Marin may mean I'll have to spend more in maintaining it? It has been obviously ridden a lot...Are frames likely to age significantly in 7years? I really like it visually (and as a kid I was dreaming about the band itslef), but I don't want to mistakenly think it is cheaper and for it to end-up more expensive within a year!!

Thank you in advance.
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