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Help Me Build My Uzzi

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I just got a smokin deal on a M Uzzi Frame w/ the DHX and a pair of DeeMax wheels.
I'm going to set it up as a Freeride/light downhill ride. I'll probably race DH 6-8 times/ year and ride resort/shuttle/urban the rest of the time. The only thing I have decided on is the fork - I'm going to go with the 66TC2X (unless someone can verify that the SL is as plush).

This is my first "big" bike so I have little experience with the builds. What have you done or what would you do if you had this frame? I'm trying to buy good quality but not overly expensive components. Light weight is definetly a plus.
Have any of you ever used formula brakes?
Can I use a short cage X-9 with two rings up front?
Thanks for your input! I'll keep you posted on what I go with as I get parts...
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