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ok guys, I need some imput as to building my bike. Right now I have:

Demo 8 frame
888 RC
roco rear shock
fsa pig dh pro headset

these are the parts I'm looking into, please tell me your opinions or what I 'should' be looking at. I know I'm missing some stuff but that's where you could give me some insight.

sram X7 rear derailler and shifter and pg 990 cassett, pg 970 chain
deity handle bars, saddle, cranks, sprocket
halo sas front and rear wheels w/ hubs
e thirteen chainguide
magura gustav or hope m4

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Does your Roco have Demo hardware? If not you won't be able to run it because Demos require a proprietary small lower eyelet.

The Deity stuff is IMO way overkill. Go for lighter components that are more DH oriented and less street oriented.

The X7 stuff is pretty good. I'm a Shimano guy but whatever floats yer boat.

The Halo wheels are again pretty street-oriented, maybe look into some Sun or Mavic rims with whatever hubs. I recommend Marzocchi front hubs (cheap, light, strong) and Hope rear hubs.

The chainguide will be nice, e13 is solid.

Personally I like Hayes brakes, as Hopes are inconsistent IMO, and Maguras are way grabby for me.

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I am doing 06 boxxer team, dhx 5 coil with hardware, e13 srs, shimano shifting and braking (saint) and truv. cranks, bb, and bar.
Just need to find a good integrated stem and I am all set!

Good luck with the build. Sounds like it will be a little heavy, but if you are not wanting to race it...........have fun with it!!!

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