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Hey there good people.

My boyfriend and I are heading to Halifax for a wedding in September. We're serious riders and we were wondering if there are any good places in or around Halifax from which we could rent some legit full-suspension bikes and take them out for a spin. Any recommendations for good local MTB tour guides/DH trails/post-ride brewpubs would also be appreciated. We'll be in Nova Scotia for about a week so hopefully we can fit in at least a day or two of riding. Neither of us has ever been to Canada before, so it will be a real adventure!

Thanks in advance for any advice! :thumbsup:

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Not sure about bike rentals sorry...

but... there are some nice trails around, I will say not many of which could be called "flowy" :p

If your idea of mtb is smooth flowy trails this is not that place.

Its pretty flat around here no long climbs, lots of little ups and downs, there are a few good trails that will seperate poseurs from mtbikers, this is east coast after all... You get rocks, roots, more rock... :thumbsup:

Once you get past the punishment of continuous rock gardens, its awesome.

If you get a bike (full sus will make your life easier!!), trails to check out locally are:
- Whopper (You will need a guide lol) techy some freeride etc.
- Fight trail (arguably the trail that will own you, its the hardest here)
- Gun range (closest to DH we have localy), 5 or so DH trails, either ride/hike up.
- Spider lake, lots of short flowy trails (<10min loops sort of thing) also leads to skull trail, err probably the least punishing of the trails here.
- Wrandies, rooty xc trails that were awesome, but have been really worn by dog walkers.

If you want to step up the DH and free ride, go to the valley (app 1hr drive), you have flow, big stunts, gnar as hell DH trails. Mixed in with nice xc trails...

- The gorge
- The links

When you're in town, PM me, or Pepperjester for more info/tours etc (there might be other NS lurkers here too).

Oh and there is no shortage of alcohol here or people that are more than willing to show you how to drink it. :thumbsup:

and yeah, (soon
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