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Which color do you prefer?

  • Brown

    Votes: 37 72.5%
  • White

    Votes: 14 27.5%
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where's the option for "other design"? :D

Nice job on all of them cookie...of those 2, I vote for the Chad Brown one! :thumbsup:

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azepicriderandrunner said:
I really dig the brown. I also think a dark chocolate with tan/pink (guy/girls respectively) would be sweet too.

I am hoping to get the price of the shirt around $8-9 non-organic, cotton with guy/girl cuts.
brown/pink - girls cut - I don't like how the pink looks on this monitor, it looked much better on my home one, but you get the idea.

and brown/tan
1 - 20 of 20 Posts
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