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Help: M300 3.8 Aluminum

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I ve kept an old M300 for three years and now, I finally decided to start the project. I bought the bike for $30 and it had a ROCK SHOX fork, threadless. Also, I want to know what year the bike is. I've done some research and I really could not determine the year if it's a 93,94 or 95. The seat stay is not the wishbone style and it says 3.8 aluminum.

The main question now is since it came with a suspension front fork, what would be the max travel can I use? I have a 2000 MARZOCCHI Z1 X Fly and has a 100 mm travel and a 1 1/8 steer tube. I've contacted MARZOCCHI early today and they told me they can install a 1 inch steer tube and reduce the the travel of the fork. Is 80 mm still too tall for this frame? It is a size 14 frame and it will be for my girlfriend. I still need to get it repainted and get new decals. I have a lot of spare MTB parts so I'm not really spending anything major on it except for the paint and the fork. This bike has some nice parts. To name a few, it will be using CHRIS KING hubs, XTR 9 speed cassette, 07 XT shifters, MAVIC Ceramic 517 SUP wheels, KORE skewers, GEAX Seguaros, STANS No Tube conversion, FSA K Force lite bar, ROCK SHOX seat post, XTR V Brakes, Deraileurs, XT crank set, SDG BelAir saddle and so on.

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I'd say newest is 93. Chances are it's older than 93.
Just added pictures. You think it's older than '93?
Reducing the travel on your fork will help, but thats not all to take into account. Your best of comparing the axle to crown lengt of the current RS and your new fork. Any increase in the AtoC length will have an impact on the handling of the bike, making the head angle more slacker and steering slower. An good option is to find a fork with travel management like RS U-turn, it will be easier to adept it to the right hight.
Finding a TALAS or a U-Turn that has less than 3 inches minimum travel will be impossible. I'm thinking of just using the MAG 21. :D
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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