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My father passed away a few years ago, and he has left behind many items from his various hobbies….One of them was obviously the prospect of putting together a bicycle…I have various parts, the body, the wheels, and I need help in identifying the parts and possibly if an honest person can let me know about how much these items are going for…
My email address is [email protected]

I have a brand new Selle san marco Regal Girardi seat, still in the wrapper and box… I have no idea how to price this item, and plan to sell on ebay ( I have sold many of his items on ebay, because my family just has no use for them)
I also know he has brand new hand breaks, possibly some other brand new parts, and then a couple of used parts I need help in identifying….

I have posted the pictures on my facebook page…under the album : bicycle parts
I have other albums from his items…if you are interested in photography/music equipment, etc.
Or I can email you the photos, because i do have more to put on the page as well….

here's the facebook page with the bike parts, which i will be putting more on (like the bike frame and the wheels, and other parts)….

Does anyone have another idea of where I could put the pictures of different items for people to look at besides my facebook page????

I need help….. I would appreciate any given…
Kelly [email protected] 225-276-3729
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