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Interesting recent find, that's going to be a single speed, or maybe a cross bike. Zephyr Cascade. Zephyr is the brand. I seem to recall a Taiwan brand called Zephyr in the early to mid 90's, but this seems to be older than that. Logo is a stylized "Z" (German style, with the extra line accross the vertical bar of the Z), with "Zephyr" underneath in tiny letters.

Old school clues: Appears to be welded cro-mo, but could be un-smoothed fillet brazed. Long forged rear drops with adjusters, like a road bike. No tubing decal, and very thin tubing in the seat tube. Older style canti bosses and seat binder (for a QR), road bike style top tube cable guides, road bike style braze on top of BB cable routing (copies of Campy 70's guides). Long geometry, 68mm BB shell, really old style braze on gear cable stops and rear brake cable stop/bridge. Transfers (not decals), and high quality thin metallic blue paint (not a finish using modern products).

Newer school clues: 130 spacing, 1-1/8 head tube, 'oversize' main tubes (31.8mm = 1.25" down tube, and 28.5mm = 1.12" top and seat tubes [OD]). Seamless tubes have a very nice ring when tapped, like Tange Prestige, or something else higher end.

Even if it's cheap Taiwanese, it's still very light (4.25lbs in 19.5"), and fairly nicely built, plus basically new. I have rigs for burley stuff, so I doubt breakage will be an issue on this one. Just a pecuiliar old mount, and wondering if anyone knows anything about these.
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