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So I recieved My rear shock back from its 3rd trip to Fox for new seals today. I accidentially crossthreaded one of the bolts that attaches the link to the rear triangle. The threads got messed up from the cross threading, so I tried to force the bolt in straight to correct the threads. Well it turns out that was a really bad Idea since the blots are Alu, and torx heads are prone to stripping anyway. So the Torx part stripped out and I could no longer get it in or out. I removed the bolt with vice grips, but how I have some F'd up threads in my frame, and a bolt with no head.
I went to the hardware store to attempt to purchase a tap to repair the damage I did to the threads in the frame, but I cannot find a nut that fits the shock link bolt. They are 10mm diamater, and 20mm length, but none of the nuts will screw on. I cannot figure out what pitch the threads are. I used a pitch gauge and a 1.0 looks close but the nut won't thread on.
So what do I do now? Where can I get a bolt to replace the one I haphazardly ruined? How do I learn the proper thread size to get the right Tap? Any Ideas on how to fix this would be great. My plan is to email and call Specialized and see if they can get me a bolt, and tell me what size the threads are.
I apptempted to insert a pic of the link below. If anyone has any good Idea please respond.[/IMG]


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A good machine shop should be able to install a thread insert such as a Helicoil. Althiugh, I don't know what the correct thread is.

Another option might be to drill out the rear triangle, make up shoulder spacers and use a nut and bolt. Could go titanium on the bolt to save weight.

Good luck.

Ken S.
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