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So I am new to the MTB scene. I come from a motocross background, and want to get more into cycling to stay in shape and help my endurance. A lot of what I ride currently is mostly cross country. Dirt road along a canal, a paved greenway, and a grass cross country course at a park. Where I live, we have a pretty big MTB park called FATS. I've only been once, it's mostly up/down hills, roots, a few little jumps, that kind of thing. I'd like to ride more of this, as that's mostly what is around me and it's easy to get to. I've got a 2000-2001 hand-me-down Gary Fisher Kaitai. It's pretty outdated, and doesn't really fit me that well. I am looking to upgrade and need help choosing. I've narrowed it down between 2 bikes. A 27.5 Giant Trance 3, which is more of a trail/all mountain, or a Cannondale Rush 1 29er. The Rush is a XC with a pretty good build. I want something that will just do it all. I know both will, but for what I described above, what would you go with? I tend to like the longer travel of the Trance (140mm) and the maestro technology. The Rush is a new bike for 2014, and I was able to get it dialed in pretty good on a test ride. For XC, it seams like the 29 would be best, but when I want to hit some rugged trails and single track, the 27.5 seams like it would be the better option. Both bikes are a very similar build and price. Does anyone have a recommendation? Amy feedback from owning either? Any help would be appreciated. As I said, I'm new to this and both bike shops are gonna be biased (they are 2 different shops). Some others I've looked at were a Trek Fuel ex 7 29er, and a Giant Anthem 27.5. I think I've got it down to the 2 though.
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