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thats my red stapler
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I have a digital evolution NR with the quick lock connector (3 - prong) I tried to connect an aftermarket (DIY, non NR) battery to it. I heard the sizzle saw the smoke and now i have a lamp that works a batttery that works and no way to regulate it, the on and off switch doesnt even work. A few questions:

How do you hook up a DIY battery to this light?

What can i do with this setup?

Send it back to nightrider for a replacement board?

Can i get a board made from another source so that i can use my aftermarket batteries?

I can easily add a switch but that will only solve the on off problem, i dont care about the strobe and the sos stuff but i would like to have the ability to switch from low to med to high watt in order to be able to conserve battery power.

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