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Help! Float 100 RLC

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I can not remove the lower nut on the air spring side of my Float 100rlc I am trying to service this this thing. The nut just spins, I have the top caps removed and the RLC side removed. Any tricks? Thanks.
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Put the cap back on, air it up and now try removing it.
When you reassemble the fork, take a dremel and make a slit like this in the bottom of the threaded rod. Don't make it deep, just enough so you can get a flathead screwdriver in there to hold it in place.


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Thanks for the replies. I called Fox and they told me to put the cap back on and add air, then hold the fork upside down and compress it a little to bind the piston. It worked! They also said to cut a small slot for the screw driver trick.

You all gave good advise. Thanks
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