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i recently bought an 08 Iron Horse warrior 4.0 from rs cycle for $559.00 and am getting it for christmas. It has a 15" frame and stock everything else. I am going to get a computer for it and a lighter spring for the fox coil suspension and maybe a lighter spring for the fork (dont know what to do yet to the fork) but I do not want to feel like I am riding a huge bike so i already know to lower the seat and all I am not quiet sure how to lower the handle bars and maybe even bring them in closer to the seat if that even is possible. height:5' weight:90 lbs. If that helps. I currently like the fit of this bike with the seat stem sticking out about 2-3 inches because I fell if I am lower on the bike I have more control when doing jumps and such because of the lower center of gravity. But it gives a weird feeling in my knees to pedal sitting down so I have that setup for jumps and rougher terrain. But when I am cruising on the road I like a taller seat so my legs can fully extend getting rid of the weird tension in my knee. here is the bike that i feel fits me very well with everything stock but the seat: What do i need to do to make the iron horse I just got have a slightely larger size feeling when riding than this?

Also, the fork on the red hotrock bottoms out even on like a 2 foot drop (dont even know if that bike is made for a 2 foot drop LOL)

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