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Help finding pedals...

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Hello All,

I got these shoes,, and I'm looking for platform pedals to go with them. I already have clipless pedals, but don't want to start using them yet, and the platform pedals that came stock with my Trek don't have the best grip... any suggestions as to what I should get? Just any platform pedal would work?

Thank you!
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Those shoes are not going to grip on any type of pedal, they are very clipless specific. Time to buck up and start using clipless.
mtnbiker72 said:
Those shoes are not going to grip on any type of pedal, they are very clipless specific. Time to buck up and start using clipless.

Or get shoes and pedals. I have Wellgo Wam B25 Pedals, I wont mention the shoes. But they were sold as a matching set one could say.
go with some type of hybrid pedal. they will be heavier than comparable clipless pedals, but will give u a learning period so you're not falling all over the place.
Most falls with clipless pedals happen in non-technical sections. Often the cause for the spill is simply riding very slow or slowing down to stop - and simply forgetting the move to get the shoe unclipt. In most cases embarrassment is the only harm done.

Hybrids don't help here, as the rider usually will not unclip and turn the pedal in such situations.

On technical sections I found hybrids to have way less traction than a solid MTB/BMX pedal. In fact, when I tried hybrids I found that I could ride technical sections better being clipped in. Bouncing off of my hybrids didn't help me getting through the sections, nor did it help to build confidence.

Nowadays I am riding two setups:

(1) MTB/BMX pedals (like DMR V8) and soft soled shoes (Walmart hiking/working boots) for technical riding and technique practice. Solid stand, confidence inspiring connection to the bike, easy to bail. Shin guards are a must, though. The pedals really bite in case of a one-foot bail (when your shin stops a pedal/crank).

(2) Clipless pedals and fitting shoes. Awesome for pedalling. Solid stand and connection to the bike.

If a (new type of) section scares me I am riding that trail first with the platform setup and once comfortable with all sections switch back to clipless. Over time the scary sections get rare. Experience builds, and so does confidence. Especially as the clipless are the best way to ride technical trails (hey - almost all world cup DH riders use clipless) - once I am convinced that I won't have to bail.

Changing pedals takes 5 min. Well worth it.
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