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help - endos, etc.

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i just posted this in the freeride secion, but now i just saw this section. sorry.

anyways, i forget what this is called, but when you stay in the same place on your back or front wheel. anyways i'm trying to learn this. i can wheelie up and down my street all day long and i can track stand forever, and i can bunnyhop while i'm trackstanding and so on and so on, but i just cannot balance on my back or front wheel very well without moving. i was wondering if anyone can help me out with this.

i've been working on riding and then tapping my front brake and getting up on my front wheel and balancing with out moving. i can stay up on that for a few seconds, but then i end up putting too much weight on one arm and my front wheel turns causing my bike to fall to the side or else i just fall back down.

i also try doing a trackstand on a slight uphill and then pull my front wheel off the ground, but if i don't pedal then i either lose my balance side to side, or i pull too far back and have to put my feet down, or i don't pull up enough and it goes right back down. i can't seem to get everything balanced out right.

should i stand up when i do this or should i be on my seat? usually when i wheelie i stay on my seat. should i do 1/2 a pedal stroke as i pull my front wheel up? should i keep my finger on the rear brake? i don't know, any help is appreciated.

after i get this i need to learn how to hop on just my back and front wheel. i'm starting to get it a little bit on my front wheel. i can balance for just a second and then hop on it but when i land my back wheel ends up going down to the ground.
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Getting your balance

Sounds like you're doing very well. Do you sometimes train with friends? You might ask them to steady you while you're up on one wheel. That way you can stay up longer and make small adjustments as you feel around for the right position.

You might want to suggest that they keep their fingers away from the chain area and the spokes, and anywhere on the frame where the crank arms can come around and hit or squeeze their grip.
Id check out some trials pages. They have some good videos and tips. My favorite is this one
It also has links to many other good sites.
Hope you get it soon ;) and have fun doing it
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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