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Lots of choices, so little money and time to try them all! I’m currently running the stock SPD Roll X pro’s that came with my Stumpjumper FSR Expert Disk, and HATE this tire on the front. I run it at 20 lbs, and it still washes out in sandy corners. The rear is acceptable, but the front has to go.

I ride 95% single track on mostly root filled pine needle covered trails with a base of coral, hard packed sand, and loose sand. The roll X’s work fine on the hard pack, but wash out badly when the conditions start to dry out and sand gets loose. They also deflect off the roots if I go over 20 lbs pressure. Mud, downhill, or drops over 2 feet are rarely encountered where I ride (Orlando and Miami area). I want to keep my speed (low rolling resistance) but increase corning ability (loose conditions) and improve deflection off roots.

These are the tires I’m looking at so far:
Panaracer Fire XC Pro 2.1
Kenda Nevelal 2.1
Kenda Blue Groove 2.1 (maybe not so good for the sand?)
WTB Epic Wolf Team XC 2.1

I don’t race (yet), but like to act like it on the trail. Are these good choices for my conditions? If so, (or if not) what do you think might work best?

Thanks for your input!

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Here some feelings from a fellow Miami rider...

First forget the Blue Groove 2.1. It will washout big time on the coral rocks and pine needles. If anything go for ther bigger model.

My farvorites are as listed:

Hutchînson Mosquito 2.0
Schwalbe Big Jim 2.25
WTB Mutano 2.24
Nokian NBX 2.10 & 2.30

The best IMHO is the Schwalbe 2.25! Just handels everything well and rolls pretty fast.
Big volume tire with low rolling resistance.
Next would be the NBX 2.10, then the Mosquito 2.0

If you want to try one, I have one in the MTBR Classifieds for only $32
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