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Help converting old ten speed..

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My wife was wanting to fix up an old bike, and since she let me buy a new bike last week I thought it only fair, so we went to a couple thrift stores and finally we found and old ten speed. Probably mid 70s or so...and we stripped it down and we are getting it ready for paint. She is wanting to turn it into a singlespeed but I was wondering if it is possible to keep the old hub and what I would have to do to make it a singlespeed. Thanks in advance for any help...
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If you are going to thread on a single speed freewheel instead of the 5 speed cluster, you will have to respace the rear hub to get a useable chainline and then redish the wheel. Google Sheldon Brown's site for a lot of great conversion info.
do you know itf they are semi horizontal drops?
nuck_chorris said:
do you know itf they are semi horizontal drops?
Yes they are semi horizontal dropouts.
furrybike said:
Google Sheldon Brown's site for a lot of great conversion info.
Sheldon Brown's site has tons of info...Thanks.
Ive done it.

I found an old schwinn sprint in a dumpster, however most of the drivetrain parts wernt usable anymore so i turned it into a daily commuter single speed.

Mines had a threaded hub (yours probably does also) so took my wheel to a Sports Authority and they and they took off the old rusty freewheel and I bought a cheapo Dicta Freewheel for 10 bucks.

After bolting that on the chainline was within 1/8" which was within chainline tolerance for me so all i did was put on a 3/32" 7-8speed chain. and it rides perfectly fine.

Lastly i took a dremel and cut out all the unecessary equipment such as the extra chainring as well as cable guides.

All in all i have a singlespeed for about 70 bucks since i had to buy new tires and tubes.

tires x2 $30
freewheel $10
tubes x2 $10
chain $20

The bottom bracket also needed to be replaced, but i really didnt have anymore money to spend on the project... If i were to redo it, i would opt for the ACS claws freewheel which is about 10 bucks more, but you pay for what you get. The Dicta was what was available at the bike shop at the time so meh.
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I did it for my sis for a campus bike. I left the multispeed freewheel and the extra chainring on. I just picked the gearing I wanted, shortened the chain accordingly, and voila, SS beater bike for no money.
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