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Help buying a new fork for an old Litespeed

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My woman is getting into riding and she's using her mothers older model Litespeed hard tail. Given the choice of buying an entry level HT or upgrading the Litespeed, she's chosen to upgrade. My knowledge of suspension is limited to the superficial, so I come to all of you for assistance in finding a decent fork for a decent price.

The price range is between $200 and $300. Air vs coil I'm flexible on, but air would require the purchase of a shock pump and that should be calculated for.

Travel looks like it's in the 80mm range. Linear brakes are a must as buying a new wheel and brake adds too much expense for this particular upgrade.

I'm eyeballing this:

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This should fit the bill

edit: I didnt see your link before I posted. If she is just getting into it a Tora will perfect.
Have you even considered trying to get the old Judy or whatever model it is, working good again?

Without getting killed, how much does the new rider weigh?

Hey Paul, long time :). I haven't seen you on the trail with your tandem in a while! Where have you been riding? The rider in question is actually Dana's daughter, Heather. I think you probably know Dana. Conveniently, I had to ask her weight recently to reserve some snow ski rentals online. She told me 125 lbs. We'll just have to assume she was being honest :D.

I looked up the Litespeed, and I believe that is a Judy. I have two reasons to prefer an upgrade over a repair/service. One is that I have limited experience working on older shocks, and the experience I do have didn't go well. Two, I just assumed that modern technology would be better than an ancient Judy. You yourself advised me at one point that I would prefer my Tora 318 to the old Answer Manitou 1 I was working on last year. I know that's a totally different shock than the Judy, but old is old and new is new. Do you think the Judy is worth working on?
We have been riding mostly long distance rides and less lap after lap riding.

I would not rule out the Judy yet. Possibly Dana had the fork cartridge replaced if needed. I'd guess the thing to do is unscrew the upper caps and see how bad the elastomers are and hopefully no water got inside.

For a 125 pound rider we it may be feasible to install springs.

There's a pretty big jump from a Manitou 1 to the Judy.

I may even have some old springs that may work for her.

Thanks, I'll give it a shot. I'll open the upper caps later and see what it looks like inside.
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