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I started building my first wheel last night, laced it lightly tensioned it and then began to laterally true it (followed zinn the art of mountain biking book). Everything seemed to go pretty well until I checked the wheel dish. It was aligned more towards the drive side a half an inch to an inch. So it would need to come over towards the disc brake side a quater to half inch. The spoke tension is not super tight but the threads on the drive side are barely covered up by the nipple and the threads on the non-drive side have been screwed into the nipples about twice as far. I don't know if I just have the wrong spoke lengths or I just need to keep tightening the non drive side. Hopefully this explains my dilenma.

Rim: Ryno Lite XL
Hub: Specialized Stout Disc
Spokes: Drive Side 266 mm, Non Drive Side 264 mm

Thanks for the help, if anyone has a spoke calculator and could double check these lengths that would be appreciative, if it seems like I am not really doing anything wrong that would be better, but is a disc wheel usually this far out of dish when you intially start tensioning the wheel

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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