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Help! Azonic Outlaws

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Just go a set of Azonic Outlaws and now I need to figure out how to get them on...

1. 135mm spacing....check!

Haha, after that I am lost. I currently have 9mm bolt on axles front and rear. The wheels came with a QR skewer and adapters for 20mm thru axle for the front and a QR skewer and 12mm bolt on axle for the rear.

What do I need to do????

Do I need something like this for the rear?

(Wheels are going on a Haro Thread 1.2 if that info is needed for any reason)
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mtnbiker72 said:
Buy skewers...
It came with skewers...
Then just install them on your bike. Standard drop outs are 9mm front and 10mm rear. Doesn't matter if they are bolt up or QR, it's the same drop out.
See that is what I thought would be the case when I ordered them but the skewers that came with the set are very thin, like 3mm thin and that is way to thin for the drop outs to sit on...hence the start of this thread.
the skewers merely clamp the wheel to the dropout. they provide practically zero support for the axle. youtube how to operate a quick release.
Yes I understand how a QR works.

Usually the QR slides through the axle and tightens down on the drop outs as they sit on the axle. The front hub on these wheels doesn't appear to have an axle for the skewers to slide through or if it does have an axle, it is not extended enough for the drop outs to sit on.

I am just trying to determine if I am missing something blatantly obvious or if I need to get a couple of bolt on axles that are compatible with these hubs.
post a pic. it sounds like you have through axle caps on.
I will as soon as I get off work.
I've got a pair of Transition Revolution wheels which (correct me if I'm wrong) are the same or very similar to the Outlaws....Do you have the adapter in the front hub so it is compatible with the 9mm dropout? Or do you NOT have the adapter needed and it will only work with a 20mm until you get an adapter?
The components that came for the front hub are 20mm thru axle adapters and a QR skewer for a 9mm drop out. According to sellers website and other websites I have seen, this is the common components that come with the wheel set and the front wheel should be ready to fit a standard drop out with the QR skewer provided.

I will post a pic tonight of what I am dealing with and maybe that will shed some light on it.
Does your front hub look like this? If so it will work with any 9mm fork. The Transition wheelset has the same hubs (different name on them) and this is the 9mm setup. For 20mm you stick a 5mm allen where the QR goes through and unscrew each side and pull out the whole assembly, leaving a 20mm hole for a 20mm fork.
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There was some kind of protective ring installed around the drop out mount that I am assuming was put there to protect it during shipping. Popped it off and was good to go.
Yeah yeah I know, been out the game for too long.

In my defense, the rings were metallic and appeared to be an actual part of the hub. Popped them off and then it looked like the pic you posted.
Ok so another question, this time on another set of outlaws. I have the front adapters for the 20mm thru axle. However, with both of them on the on the hub, the spacing is to wide for sanctions on the totem to align with. Is this normal? Has anyone used this shock and hub combo?
something doesnt sound right... if you posted some pictures it would be easier to help you out. im assuming you didnt install something right, ive had two pairs of outlaws and never had a problem as dumb as this may sound did they come with an instruction manual? because if they did you should probably read it good luck
The 20mm axle adapters just stick to the outside of the hub. There isn't really a way to mess up the installation with them. They just snap to the side of the hub. The hub is set for for a 20mm thru axle but with both adapters snapped to the hub, the hub becomes barely to wide to fit the sanctions.
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