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Help a poor boy find a suspension fork

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There's about 5 teenage kids in the neighborhood who bring me their mtb's when they need tools or help fixing stuff. When I'm out in my garage, they say "the doctor is in", and before I know it I'll have several kids in there working on their bikes.

One of the kids is operating on a shoestring. His Manitou Magnum fork totally shot- blown seals and sloppy bushings. He has about $70 total to come up with a replacement. In fact, he worked all day painting my downspouts to come up with the money. I was hoping to find another Magnum or maybe an SX at one of the online clearance stores, but they're all gone. Not much on eBay, either. I'm trying to avoid something REALLY cheap, like an RST, but who knows, maybe that's what he'll end up with.

Any suggestions? He's a good kid, and I'd like to help him out.


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how about Manitou Axel Comp?........

Jenson had some for $79 (plus shipping). Dbl-chk the steerer length. Last I saw they only had 195mm steerers.
Black's on e-bay

Get a used Black -coil on e-bay and just change the oil and go.
hey, I have a brand new 2004 Manitou Six sport that I would let go for $70 + shipping. If you're interested, email me at [email protected]
Thank you, Dave and Dude...

...for the info. I'm going to buy Domdil's Manitou Six. We worked out a good price and now I'm going to squeeze the money out of the poor kid...
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